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Motion sensor

This sensor is exclusively compatible with boats that are already equipped with Seanapps.
To equip your boat, discover the Seanapps Retrofit Pack.

PRICE: $199,99*

Ref : 225965

The motion sensor allows you to receive instant notifications of any abnormal activity or intrusion on your boat, enabling swift action.

Pay later: Pre-order online and pay with your installer upon delivery.

Delivery: directly to your authorized installer – Delivery fees not included.

*VAT rate not included + excluding delivery and installation costs.

Utilizing infrared motion detection technology, this sensor is engineered to immediately alert in the case of unwanted presence, adding an extra layer of security. This is especially useful for docked boats, making it ideal for detecting any suspicious activity onboard and ensuring peace of mind for owners.
This advanced sensor promptly reports any infrared motion detection, with a maximum sensitivity of 8 meters at a 120° angle and a quick response time of 2 seconds. It is powered by a 9-32V source and comes equipped with a Micro Fit 2-point connector, ensuring an easy and secure installation. The sensor is energy-efficient, with a maximum consumption of 2mA, and features an LED that lights up upon presence detection.
Measuring 70x45x40mm, the sensor’s white ABS plastic casing is easily mounted with two screws. Its Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 connectivity provides a range of 15 to 20 meters in open space, seamlessly integrating with the Seanapps application via QR code scanning. For optimal coverage, the sensor should be installed indoors, preferably on the ceiling to monitor passageways, and can also be mounted on wooden surfaces.
The Seanapps Motion Sensor is thus an essential solution for enhancing onboard security, ensuring your connected boat is always under vigilant surveillance.
  • Data : Detection of a presence (infrared motion detection)
  • Data recurrence: Upon detection
  • Detector sensitivity: max 8m @120° (2 second delay)
  • Power supply: 9-32V
  • Connector type: Micro Fit 2 points (see below)
  • Protection against polarity reversal
  • Consumption: max 2mA
  • Led: Lit if a presence is detected
  • Product dimensions: 70x45x40mm
  • Color: White
  • Material: plastic (ABS)
  • Fixation: x2 screws diameter 3mm
  • Protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1
  • Range: 15 to 20m in open field
  • Protection: tropicalized electronic card/No protection against water splashes
  • Seanapps pairing: QR code

It must be installed indoor. It is necessary to provide the passage of the electrical harness. Preferably, it should be placed on the ceiling to cover the passage areas. It might be mounted on woodwork.

24-month commercial warranty
In case of a breakdown, the product is repaired free of charge by your dealer. If repair is not possible, the product is exchanged.

Dedicated customer service
Contact your certified Seanapps dealer for any questions regarding installation, configuration, or problem reporting.

NMEA 2000




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