For over 60 years, Jeanneau has established itself as a leader in the motorboat and sailboat markets. Ever more innovative, the brand’s forty models enable everyone to discover the joys of the sea and experience unique moments on the water. Interested in buying a boat already equipped? Check out the ads for Jeanneau connected boats for sale.

List of models equipped with Seanapps


The Leader is truly a world reference for outboard boats. Fast and safe, this range is as suitable for day boating as for sporty crusing.
Models Application number
Leader 5.5 CC-2 984
Leader 6.5 CC-3 525
Leader 7.5 CC-3 120
Leader 9.0 CC 387
Leader 10.5 CC 2
Leader 6.5 WA-3 527
Leader 7.5 WA-3 260
Leader 9.0 WA 2266 ou 3033*
Leader 10.5 WA-2 179 ou 2002*
Leader 12.5 WA 166


*The application number depends on the place of production


A true reference in Europe, the NCs are boats that offer versatility, safety and high-performance. It is the ideal partner to cut across the sea in all seasons and enjoy a variety of marine activities.
Models Application number
NC 695 S2 802
NC 695 SPORT S2 231
NC 795 S2 864
NC 795 SPORT S2 168
NC 895 1320 ou 245*
NC 895 SPORT 351
NC 1095 813
NC 1295 1


DB Yachts

The DB Yachts offers a univers of premium comfort, ideal for summer cruising. Her sparkling and striking design invites you to share good times on board!

Models Application number
DB 43 1


Sun Fast

Dedicated to racing and sailing fast, the Sun Fast offer speed and sensations. Thanks to its ergonomic designed for performance, this sailboat guarantees incomparable resistance and safety.
Models Application number
Sun Fast 3300  99


*The application number depends on the place of production

Sun Odyssey

The Sun Odyssey combines elegant design, safety and ease of handling. Ideal for cruising with friends or family or for making your first voyages at sea, this sailboat is the perfect balance between seaworthy qualities and quality of life on board.

Models Application number
Sun Odyssey 349 819
Sun Odyssey 380 59
Sun Odyssey 410 200 ou 2242*
Sun Odyssey 440 391
Sun Odyssey 490 183


Jeanneau Yacht

The Jeanneau Yacht combines technical excellence, high-quality finishes and well-honed design to offer unlimited travel horizons. This agile and comfortable sailboat ensures perfect autonomy on board, ideal for offshore cruises.

Models Application number
Jeanneau 51 113
Jeanneau 53 1
Jeanneau 54 137
Jeanneau 55 1
Jeanneau 60 1
Jeanneau 65 1