Prestige Yachts

PRESTIGE is an exceptional brand that offers four ranges of yachts with a mastery of space and light on board. A major leader in the power yacht market, the brand stands out thanks to its models without artifice. For your equipped boat purchase project, have a look at the ads of smart Prestige Yachts for sale.

List of models equipped with Seanapps


The S-Line offers sporty yachts to combine responsiveness at the wheel and performances on the water. Modular and elegant, these yachts can adapt to suit your preferences.

Models Application number
420 S-Line 93
460 S-Line 177
520 S-Line 209
590 S-Line 85



Rich in natural light and generous spaces, the F-Line offers unique and refined benefits.

Models Application number
420 F-Line 93
460 F-Line 177
520 F-Line 209
590 F-Line 85
690 F-Line 41



Entirely open to the sea, the X-Line range provides unequalled living and sailing comfort. The spaciousness favors the well-being on board and makes the difference.

Models Application number
X60 1
X70 6



With the M-Line, PRESTIGE presents a multihull yacht designed for cruising. Open to nature, these powercats offer serenity and well-being on board, to sail in harmony with the sea.

Models Application number
M48 1
M8 1