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Tender anti-theft sensor

This sensor is exclusively compatible with boats that are already equipped with Seanapps. To equip your boat, discover the Seanapps Retrofit Pack

PRICE : €79*

Ref : 225219

The tender anti-theft sensor is a crucial innovation for securing your dinghy, rigid inflatable boat (RIB), or tender.

Colors available : Black or White

Pay later: Pre-order online and pay with your installer upon delivery.

Delivery: directly to your authorized installer – Delivery fees not included.

*VAT rate not included + excluding delivery and installation costs.

This sensor plays a vital role by alerting you to any Bluetooth disconnection, which often signals an attempted theft.

This sophisticated monitoring system checks the tender’s presence every 4 seconds, ensuring maximum responsiveness in the event of an incident. Powered by a CR2450 3V battery, the sensor boasts a remarkable lifespan of about two years, minimizing the need for frequent maintenance. An intelligent LED indicator keeps you informed about the battery’s status, with clear signals for timely replacement.

Compact in design (70x45x21mm) and black in color, the sensor is made of durable V0 grade plastic and can be easily attached through adhesive, ensuring discreet and secure installation. Its Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1 technology provides reliable coverage up to 20 meters, seamlessly integrating with the Seanapps system via QR code scanning.

This device is not just a reliable guardian for your tender but also an effective theft prevention tool, offering peace of mind while docked or on the go.

  • Data: Presence of tender (alarm if no more Bluetooth connection between the sensor and the Seanapps box)
  • Data recurrence: 4 seconds
  • Battery type: CR2450 3V
  • Battery life: Approximately 2 years
  • Battery data: 90% >2.4V / 50% >2.3V / 20%>2.1V /Alarm<=2.1V
  • Connector type: None
  • LED: Flash at power ON / Flash every 60s if battery <2.5V
  • Protection against polarity inversions
  • Product dimensions: 70x45x21mm
  • Color: Black
  • Material: plastic (V0 material)
  • Fixing: adhesive
  • Protocol: Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1
  • Range: 15 to 20m in open field
  • Protection: tropicalized electronic card/Protection against water splashes
  • Seanapps pairing: QR code

It must be installed in the hood of outboard engines. It must be stick to be sure to seal the screw holes on the back of the sensor. It must be installed to be accessible to change the battery.

24-month commercial warranty
In case of a breakdown, the product is repaired free of charge by your dealer. If repair is not possible, the product is exchanged.

Dedicated customer service
Contact your certified Seanapps dealer for any questions regarding installation, configuration, or problem reporting.

NMEA 2000




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