Retrofit Package

PRICE: €1319 incl.taxes

The Retrofit Package is the solution to connect any existing boat with Seanapps. It can be fitted to any type of boat, no matter her age or brand. It only requires a 12V/24V power supply to make it work. *including VAT rate, to be converted according to the current exchange rate

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Pay later: Pre-order online and pay with your installer upon delivery.

Delivery: directly to your authorized installer – Delivery fees not included.

*VAT rate included (20%), excluding delivery and installation costs.


Risks such as theft, water intrusion, or unauthorized access generate understandable concerns for boat owners. However, connectivity provides the opportunity to address these worries through remote monitoring.

Here is an illustration of the data you can gather using your standard Seanapps package:

GPS Location: Define a customized mooring area and receive alerts if your boat departs from its designated location or moves beyond its marina.

Water Intrusion Alert: Utilizing the bilge water presence detector, receive notifications when the water level becomes too high, and your bilge pump fails to activate.

For an added layer of security, consider augmenting your Seanapps equipment with supplementary sensors: motion detectors, anti-theft measures for dinghies, anti-theft measures for outboard motors, and door opening alerts.


Who hasn’t fantasized about the prospect of sharing their maritime exploits with loved ones? Whether you’re enthralled by speed or revel in long-haul journeys, the connected boat offers you the opportunity to document your sea performances (maximum speed, average speed, distance traveled, depth, etc.) and your routes directly on your phone. It truly enhances your experience, allowing you to assess your navigational progress, archive cruise routes, and share your accomplishments with friends upon your return to port!

Here is an illustration of the data you can gather using your standard Seanapps package:

Distance Traveled: Post-voyage, effortlessly visualize the distance covered for all your stages through your comprehensive logbook.

Speed: Seanapps empowers you to review both your average speed and your most outstanding performances.

Take your Seanapps setup to the next level by adding an extra sensor, the hour meter, enabling you to monitor your engine’s performance and maintain it in optimal condition.


Ready for a sea adventure? Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sailor, these excursions demand meticulous preparation. The optimal condition of your boat is a critical consideration to prevent inconveniences that could spoil your cruise once you’re out at sea. Checking the fuel level, the status of batteries and the engine, as well as the levels of water tanks, are all aspects you can easily monitor from your smartphone by connecting to your boat. Say goodbye to frequent trips to the dock; you can leave the port with peace of mind, anticipating potential equipment breakdowns.

Here’s an illustration of the data you can access with your standard Seanapps package:

Battery Level: Avoid unpleasant surprises by remotely ensuring that your boat’s batteries are fully charged.

Fuel Level: Efficiently plan your departure by checking your fuel level from your smartphone.

Water Tank Levels: Monitor the levels of fresh water tanks in your equipment with just a click.

For even greater convenience, enhance your Seanapps equipment with additional sensors such as shore power, de boat battery sensor or even temperature and humidity sensors.

Seanapps mobile app

The Seanapps application can be downloaded for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store.

During the initial year, you can enjoy all the features of Seanapps with a complimentary subscription. Test the application with no commitment for the first 12 months. After the initial year, access to Seanapps is available at a rate of €18.25, including VAT, per month.

Explore numerous tutorials on our YouTube channel to help you discover the application’s features.

Composition of the Retrofit Package:

The Retrofit Package is sold with the following items:

  • The SEANAPPS box
  • The bilge water sensor
  • Electrical harnesses (power supply + auxiliary)
  • 1 year client subscription for 4G coverage

To collect additional data on your boat, you can add two extensions :

Extension 1 : to link Seanapps to the boat’s electronics

Extension 2 : to connect Seanapps to the engine

Please note:

  • Extensions are not included in the price of the Retrofit Package
  • The installation of the extensions depends on your boat’s equipment


It must be install by an authorised dealer-installer. The installation requires a specific training.

24-month commercial warranty
In case of a breakdown, the product is repaired free of charge by your dealer. If repair is not possible, the product is exchanged.

Dedicated customer service
Contact your certified Seanapps dealer for any questions regarding installation, configuration, or problem reporting.

How to enjoy Seanapps?

Pre-order your retrofit package on Seanapps website

An pre-order form is available on our website. Your request will then be processed by our team and we will contact you to finalise it.

Contact one of the certified Seanapps dealers-installers

Once your Retrofit Package has been delivered to your dealership, your certified dealer-installer will install Seanapps on your boat.

Download the application and activate your boat

Once your boat has been activated by your dealer, you can create your account on the Seanapps application and access your boat’s data!

NMEA 2000




They already trust Seanapps:


“My dealership was alerted by Seanapps that there was a diesel leak on my Prestige 520. He was able to intervene quickly and perform the necessary repairs to have the boat ready to sail whenever I wanted.”


“Seanapps allowed me to be notified when my boat came off its mooring during a storm. I was able to get to the scene quickly and locate it without any problems”


While I was away, the 220v shore power supply on my Jeanneau DB/43 was disconnected. Fortunately, my dealer was alerted directly on the Seanapps app and quickly reconnected the shore power. Thanks to Seanapps, the boat’s batteries were not discharged and I was able to enjoy my boat as soon as I arrived in port.


” Seanapps is brilliant! The power in my marina was inadvertently disconnected recenty. Seanapps alerted me about the low battery levels, which prompted me to come to my boat to charge my batteries with the generator. I also informed the marina of the problem. No doubt that helped out a few other boats as well. It saved me buying new batteries. A great app to have !”


“I have plans to resell my boat. Thanks to Seanapps, I now have a complete history of my maintenance book that I could share with the potential buyer.”

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Frequently asked questions

Why I can not install Seanapps on my own?

To order and install Seanapps on your boat you must go through an authorised dealer-installer. The installation requires a specific training.

How much does it cost to set up Seanapps?

The installation of the Retrofit Package on board your boat is not included in the sale price. The cost of installation may vary depending on the size of your boat and will be defined by your certified dealer-installer at the time of purchase.

With whom are my personal data shared?

You can change the privacy settings of your Seanapps application at any time. Your data may be shared with two parties: your dealer and the manufacturer of your boat.