Connect your boat and sail with a free mind

Remote monitoring, realtime alerts, maintenance recommendations… With Seanapps,ease the maintenance of your boat and always keep an eye on it!

Enter the digital age of smart boats with Seanapps

Seanapps is the easiest way to keep your boat safe and ready to cruise at anytime.

With the onboard Seanapps unit and a mobile application, you will be able to find all your boat information on your smartphone including monitoring tank level, scheduling maintenance, geofencing, and much more.

Worldwide 4G coverage

Seanapps is available worldwide, regardless of your location.

Respect your privacy

Seanapps guarantees absolute confidentiality and total protection of your data.

Work even if your boat is off

You can continue to use Seanapps even when you are not on board your boat.

Seanapps & you

Smart device

Equip my boat

The Retrofit Package is the solution to connect any existing boat with Seanapps. It can be fitted to any type of boat, no matter her age or brand.

Help Center

Getting started with my Seanapps equipment

Do you have a boat already equipped with Seanapps and want to get started with your application? Visit our help centre and discover our playlist of dedicated tutorials

Where to find Seanapps?

Directory of certified dealers-installers

More than 600 Groupe Beneteau dealers are certified to install Seanapps on your boat. These dealers take care of the sale and installation of the Retrofit Package on board.