The Group’s historic trademark, BENETEAU proposes a wide range of innovative boat models, offering owners to experience the sea in new ways. Looking for a boat fully equipped? Discover immediately some ads of Beneteau smart boats for sale.

List of models equipped with Seanapps


A true best seller among sailing yachts, the Oceanis line has become the international gold standard in cruising. Its eight models safe and efficient provide an unique experience for users.

**The application number depends on the place of production


The Trawler is the perfect boat for adventures and explorers! The models in this range has left tradition behind to win in sailing comfort and autonomy. These confortable living spaces on the water adapt to all types of sailing areas.

Models Application number
Swift Trawler 35 138
Swift Trawler 41 85
Swift Trawler 48 1
GrandTrawler 62 2



The Flyer range is the brand’s flagship boat for all water sports enthusiasts and sea lovers! These day boats are designed for day trips and marry design, technology and power!


A timeless classic from the brand, the Antares range offers total versatility to its owners. Suitable for both day trips and fishing, this fisher-cruiser focuses on safety and handling.

Models Application number
Antares 6 OB 244
Antares 7 OB 1
Antares 8 OB 214
Antares 9 OB 514 ou 2050
Antares 11 OB 307 ou 2008*


**The application number depends on the place of production


First are the iconic sailing yachts of the Beneteau brand. 40 years after its creation, the range is still in the spotlight and offers a wide choice of easy to handle and robust models.

Models Application number
First 36 1
First 44 1
First 24 208
First 24 SE 214
First 27 151
First 27 SE 157
First Yacht 53 33


Gran Turismo

The Gran Turismo is a sporty, high-performance boat that offers its owners an amazing driving sensations. These boats combines elegance and ease of handling to maximise the sensations on board.