5 reasons to use a remote boat monitoring system

8 Mar 2024 | Connectivity

The rise of connectivity has never been more topical! It is estimated that there are around 15 billion connected devices in the world. Today, many brands offer connectivity solutions, such as Yamaha with its motors, or Somfy with the connected home. What’s more, a host of free applications are available, aimed not only at households, but also at boating fans, thanks to connected boat applications. 

 A remote boat monitoring system is a great way for all boat owners to find out what’s happening on board when they’re not there! Did you know that already 15 000 boats are connected worldwide in 2024?

1- Remote boat monitoring system : How does it work ? 

A boat monitoring system integrates various sensors relating to safety, comfort and boat performance. They interact with a central hub. This hub transmits the information collected by the sensors via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to an application installed on your mobile phone, tablet or computer. You can set up messages, push notifications and emails to receive alerts in real time. What’s more, the good news is that these days, most boats can be fitted with sensors, regardless of their make or year of manufacture, as long as they have a battery.

On average, dayboating users who sail on a daily basis or for short periods use their boat for 25 days* a year, while sailboat owners sail for an average of 45 days a year. But what happens on the other days when the boat is in port? What does it mean to have a ‘connected’ boat? And what are the advantages of this system? 

With this in mind, discover five arguments in favour of adopting a connected boat system such as Seanapps. The article will look at all the equipment that guarantees safety and comfort on board your boat. It will also highlight the relevance of connectivity for boaters when they are not on board.

*Seanapps Intelligence data 

It’s pretty easy to install

Nmea standard

NMEA 2000 (National Marine Electronics Association 2000) is a communications protocol that enables information to be shared between the various electronic equipment on board a boat. This standard allows owners to optimise the use of their existing equipment, while enabling the monitoring of virtually all measurable parameters.

Wired or wireless installation

Having a connected boat means choosing to install sensors that will allow you to monitor your equipment. With Seanapps, sensors can be installed wired or wireless. Installation is quick, simple and carried out by a qualified professional. These sensors do not all work in the same way. Some are connected to the boat’s power supply (like the battery voltage sensor). Others, like the shore power sensor, are powered by a battery, which has an average life of 2 years. However, all the sensors communicate alerts via the same system: Bluetooth.

The most practical solution for the installation of your remote boat monitoring system could be Seanapps with a ready-to-install package!

3- Secure your boat when you are not on board

To ensure the safety of your boat, you need to anticipate the risks associated with it. By integrating sensors, you can monitor your boat proactively from a distance.

Position alert (Geofencing)

Imagine, the day after a storm, the unpleasant surprise: your boat has become detached from its mooring and has drifted, causing damage. Thanks to the real-time position tracking available from your connected boat application, you can define a zone that your boat must not leave. If it crosses this limit, you’ll receive an alert.

Alert in case of waterway

In the event of a water or fuel leak in your boat’s bilge, your remote boat monitoring system will send you an alert thanks to the bilge pump sensor! This sensor is triggered if the bilge pump is not working. If there’s water coming in and the pump is running, then the sensor won’t alert you.

bateau qui dérive
Capteur détecteur de mouvement vue de face

Photo : Seanapps motion sensor

Intrusion alert

Safety also means knowing that no one is trying to gain unauthorised access to your boat. That’s why your remote boat monitoring application generates an intrusion alert, which can be triggered by doors or portholes being forced open. Knowing that you will be alerted in the event of an intrusion will enable you to react as quickly as possible and alert the harbour master’s office, or even the authorities.

Outboard motor or tender theft alert

If the Bluetooth connection is lost, a notification from the outboard motor’s anti-theft sensor is sent. This alert can be an early warning of an attempt to steal your motor, enabling a rapid reaction that minimises the risk of theft.

In another scenario, suppose your tender is improperly secured and comes loose. In this case, the sensor concerned will react in the same way as in the previous case: with the loss of Bluetooth connection alert.

Capteur Antivol pour moteur hors-bord Seanapps

Photo: Seanapps outboard motor anti-theft sensor

4- Get ready for your next boating trip

Preparing for your next outing at sea means first of all making sure that everything runs smoothly on board your boat. To do this, a number of things need to be checked.

photo montrant un voilier et un bateau à moteur

Fuel tank level

Running out of fuel in the middle of the sea is a complicated and undesirable situation. Checking that your fuel level is sufficient for your planned trip is essential, and you can do it from home thanks to a connected boat app.

Water tank level

Keeping an eye on the level of fresh water in your tank is something to consider, especially before planning a long cruise. At sea, fresh water is a limited resource and ensuring there’s enough for everyday needs like hydration, cooking and hygiene is essential. Tracking this information from your connected boat app will let you know if you need to refill your tanks in port before you leave!

Battery level and status alert

Leaving your boat without a power source can cause several systems to fail, potentially rendering your boat unusable the next time you plan to set sail. So it’s very important to keep an eye on your battery levels, because a flat battery means the engine won’t start, jeopardising your sailing plans! Batteries also power the electronic devices on board, such as the fridge, which is essential for keeping your provisions fresh while sailing. Having the certainty that equipment of this type will remain powered throughout your navigation therefore helps to guarantee your comfort.

photo capteur tension batterie Seanapps

Photo: Seanapps battery voltage sensor

Knowing the battery level in real time allows you to determine whether you need to connect to shore power in port, saving you an engine failure and a bad trip. That’s why it’s a crucial step before planning a sea trip with your family!

Tracking your performance and navigation history

Journeys and stopovers

With a remote boat monitoring system, keeping track of all your performance is easy. You can check the routes you’ve taken, look at the places you’ve stopped at thanks to the GPS tracker. This feature is very useful if you regularly monitor your fuel consumption. For example, if you have a sailing boat and want to take a more environmentally friendly approach, you can see the routes you’ve taken, and monitor data such as your fuel consumption and determine whether or not it’s excessive.

Accessing your sailing history has never been easier. You can retrace your previous journeys, as well as tracking your performance from your devices. You can also share your experience with friends, invite them and share photos taken during your trip, making it easy to preserve memories via your connected boat application.

How to set up the Geofencing mode on Seanapps?

Geofencing mode on Seanapps enables you to locate and monitor your boat’s movements in real time to enhance safety, optimise management and improve navigation.

mockup de la fonction trajet Seanapps

Photo: Journeys features on the Seanapps mobile app

Consult your data such as maximum and average speeds

Obtain datas of these journeys gives you a compilation of your time at sea, with data such as :

  • Maximum speed : Knowing the maximum speed you reached on your previous trip can be a challenge, and it can help you assess your progress over time.
  • Average speed : By knowing the average speed of your boat, planning your next trip and estimating the time required to reach your destination will be much simpler! Adapting your average speed can optimise your average fuel consumption and save you money.
  • Distance travelled and fuel consumption : Whether you’ve been on a short or long journey, this data will tell you a little more about your boat’s range and whether you’ll be able to go further on your next trip. Looking the distance travelled is also a good way to know your fuel consumption and measure your economic and environmental impact. Knowing the fuel consumption of the boat is crucial for financial planning of trips, estimating autonomy during journeys, and ensuring safety by avoiding fuel shortages at sea.

Want to know more about Seanapps ?

Download the mobile app and try the free demo version!

Facilitate the management and monitoring of maintenance

Maintenance schedule and reminders

Scheduling maintenance has never been so quick! You can schedule your next maintenance on your connected boat’s app and plan everything ahead! Anticipating your next maintenance can also help you reduce your costs: if you have a part on your boat that is damaged, then you need to anticipate its maintenance before it is completely out of order. This will avoid having to replace it completely, and therefore incur additional costs. For example, it’s a good idea to anticipate engine servicing, which needs to be carried out regularly, so that it costs less.Service reminder notifications can be sent so that you don’t forget to make an appointment with your dealer.

Direct contact with certified professionals

Keep in touch with certified professionals who will provide the best service for your boat. For example, Seanapps authorised dealers guarantee complete support, from the installation of connected equipment to the maintenance and servicing of your boat. They have access to the information and history of your boat according to your sharing choices. This in-depth knowledge enables them to ensure optimum monitoring of your boat. They’ll also know which parts need to be ordered if you’ve agreed to the next service from the application.

Technical documentation

If you have a technical question about your boat or engine (such as maintenance instructions and recommendations, oil changes, settings, procedures in the event of problems…), you can access all your technical documentation on your equipment. For example, you can consult the owner’s manuals and find the information you need to know when you buy your boat.

Bonus : It will help you in the resale of your boat

You want to resale your boat ?

It’s easier when you can reassure the buyer that everything is up to date and that you’ve already carried out the latest maintenance, because all the dates of the various operations will be recorded from your remote boat monitoring application. It’s also possible to add invoices from your dealer’s operations, which are further proof that your boat is well maintained.

A connected boat application also makes it possible to keep everything in one place, as with the maintenance planning or technical documentation mentioned above. This concentration of information in one place can save future owners from having to subscribe to and download multiple applications. Equipping your boat with a remote monitoring system is a rare and distinctive advantage on the second-hand market. It’s an investment that will help you stand out when reselling your boat in a competitive market.

When the time comes to buy a boat, it makes sense for any buyer to consider the option of investing in a boat that is already well equipped in terms of technology and connected objects. Opting for a connected pre-owned boat is much more than a simple choice of comfort. In fact, this strategic decision offers significant advantages in terms of time and financial savings.

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