How to sell a boat quickly ? Tips & advice

28 Mar 2024 | Tips

You’ve decided to part with your boat, but you want the sale to be quick and hassle-free? Selling a boat can be a complex task that requires time and preparation. However, with the right tips and tricks, you can maximise your chances of finding a buyer quickly. In this article, we take a look at the best ways to sell your boat efficiently. 

1- Where to sell a boat fast ?  ?

There are many options for selling your used boat, ranging from specialist websites and social networks to traditional classified ads in local newspapers.

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Publish on a site specialised in buying and selling boats

Choosing a sales site specializing in boats ensures better visibility, increasing your chances of finding the future owner of your boat. The buyers browsing these platforms are specifically interested in buying or selling boats, making them a more precise target audience compared to general sales sites. Platforms such as Band of Boats connect buyers and sellers in the boating world, offering thousands of ads from private individuals and professionals, listing all types of vessels: speedboats, yachts, sailing boats, catamarans, houseboats, etc.

Using a broker or a professional seller

A broker acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, facilitating the process of selling the boat. They can also negotiate the terms of the sale price on behalf of the seller. Generally, brokers are experts in specific types of boats (you can find a broker specializing in multihull sailing boats, for example). Furthermore, brokers can handle all administrative formalities, such as the yacht’s bill of sale, for your ad.

Choosing a professional dealer to manage the sale of your boat is another option. A dealer will take care of publishing the advert, managing visits to your boat, selling it, and also taking it back if you want to buy a new boat. 

The most practical solution for installing your connected boat system could be Seanapps with a ready-to-install pack! 

2- 5 tips to sell your boat quickly 

1- Set the right selling price 

One of the questions most frequently asked by private sellers is “How do I find the right selling price?

To start with, find out about the market and current prices. Start by looking for ads for similar boats (same type of vessel, model, year, equipment and condition as yours). Their sale price will give you an idea of how much you could expect to receive.

Next, it’s important to take into account the condition of your boat. If the boat has parts that need servicing, making it difficult to sail (such as the engine, or the condition of the sails if you own a sailboat), or has imperfections on the hull, then the price you set may have to be lower than the market price.  

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There are services and professionals available to help you or prevent you from setting the price yourself. The Band of Boats quotation, for example, is carried out by a person dedicated to assessing the value of your boat. This service allows you to be certain of your selling price, but also to justify it to the potential buyer.

The estimate is based on a number of criteria, including: 

  • The popularity of the boat model (number of times a boat has been searched)
  • The number of competing ads on the market  
  • The economic climate 

2- Choosing the right time to sell 

Are you wondering when is the best time to sell your boat? Seasonality can have a significant impact on the sale of your boat. Generally speaking, peak sailing periods have an impact on sales, regardless of the geographical area. In Europe, for example, sellers are advised to place their ads between late spring and early summer. Buyers are more numerous and more motivated at this time of year, when people are preparing to return to the water, which increases your chances of finding a buyer quickly. 

3- Have a complete advert 

A well-detailed, attractive advert can make all the difference to the sale of your boat. By paying attention to the details of your advert before it goes online, you will increase its appeal to potential buyers, making it easier for them to find the future owner of your boat.

Here is a list of informations you should do to make sure your ad is complete:

  • Include several quality photos showing different aspects and parts of your boat.
  • Film your boat: a videotour can give the prospective buyer a more concrete idea of your boat than a simple photo. 
  • Make an inventory of your boat: highlighting the equipment on board (sails, engine, electronics, etc.) and its current condition, as well as any recent changes or additions. 
  • Specify where the boat can be visited by the future buyer, for example: “The boat is available for viewing by appointment in various Mediterranean ports near France or Italy.”
  • Bonus: Don’t hesitate to share your experience at sea or cruising anecdotes to arouse the interest of a future owner. 

A well-completed ad also features a detailed description. From the length of the hull to the last refit date, don’t leave out any detail that could be important in qualifying your boat. Don’t forget to include a maintenance history, both to enhance the value of your boat and to help you make the most of it. 

With Seanapps you can obtain not only chronological and technical details of past maintenance, but also precise data on the state of wear and tear of your boat, such as the number of hours the engine has been running.

mockup fonction maintenance de Seanapps

Image: Seanapps Maintenance function

4- Maintaining your boat 

Excellent boat maintenance is also a major advantage when it comes to resale! It guarantees that your boat is in good condition overall, which will reassure the buyer.

Proof of regular maintenance is appreciated by people interested in your ad (for example, repair and maintenance invoices or current warranty documents). Use tools like Seanapps to store and organise these documents easily. Gone are the days when you had to pull out stacks of invoices to present to the buyer, now you can access them directly from the application. With the Seanapps maintenance function, the complete history of maintenance carried out on your boat is available in real time. 

5- Promoting your advert 

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Once your listing is online, boosting its visibility can help to speed up the sale of your boat. Sharing your ad on social networks (Facebook post, Instagram story, etc.) can be a good way of letting users know that you are selling your boat.

There are also forums on the subject of boating (they can bring together professionals as well as owners of fishing or pleasure boats). These forums are good contact points for boating enthusiasts. 

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